Supreme Court Won't Hear RIM-NTP Case

from the this-is-going-to-take-a-while dept

The Supreme Court today declined to hear the patent case between Research in Motion and NTP, leaving it to a lower court to decide. RIM had asked for the court to get involved to rule whether US patent laws applied to it, since its operations are based in Canada. That argument seems like a bit of a stretch, since 70% of RIM’s revenues come from the US. But, just like NTP wants to drag out the patent rejection process in hopes the judge will rule on the case first, RIM wants to drag the court case out to give the Patent Office time to invalidate NTP’s patents.

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Comments on “Supreme Court Won't Hear RIM-NTP Case”

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patent troll says:

Re: Re: just kill them already !

Just shut the fuck up and let PTO do their job
properly on the re-exam.
Bad timing for RIM though…
For you, my little ignorant friend, any US Patent
is a transferrable, sellable, assignable entity
– it has a life of its own.
Not knowing this basic fact of reality shows your absolute ignorance.
NTP does pretty much the same thing as any US university: they license out their patents …
Whether their patents are valid or not is an entirely different matter.

ZOMG CENSORED (user link) says:

Re: just kill them already !

I didn’t know that NTP employees had the intelligence to use this new-fangled interweb stuff. I guess I was wrong…

NTP hasn’t provided the world anything of value, if anything, they’re absoloutely useless. At least RIM has a product which it provides to the public, and are exercising their right to defend that product from leeches.

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