Canadian Politician Threatens To Sue Critic Of Her Fundraising Habits

from the chilling-effects dept

It would appear that Canadian politician Sam Bulte is not happy about people questioning her impartiatility towards the big content industry. We’ve mentioned already the fact that she’s called anyone supporting users’ rights zealots, and how she’s denying tonight’s fundraiser is a fundraiser, despite calling it a fundraiser on her own website. What’s odd about all this is she keeps claiming she “won’t be silenced” when no one is trying to silence her — just suggesting that she’s blocking out an important point of view which just happens to be opposed to those who have donated a fair amount to her election. However, for someone so worried about being “silenced” she’s now trying to silence her critics. Michael Geist, who clearly ticks off a list of provably false points made by Ms. Bulte also points to an article in the Globe and Mail where Bulte threatens to sue Geist after the election: “I am not going to sue him before the election but dammit, watch me after the election.” That certainly would seem to be a “chilling effects” type of threat implying if Geist doesn’t shut up, he’s going to face a lawsuit. Of course, with Geist being a law professor who has a pretty good grasp on the law, he doesn’t seem too worried. However, it is amusing to see her so vigorously trying to silence her critics after demanding they stop silencing her (something no one has tried to do).

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Comments on “Canadian Politician Threatens To Sue Critic Of Her Fundraising Habits”

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MadJo (profile) says:

Re: Canadian Politics...

You really can’t take many of the Canadian Politicians seriously as most of them seem to be so uninformed that it really makes us civilians wonder why the Hell people elect them in the first place.

This is not only limited to Canadian Politics. Same goes for the Dutch. They are so incompetent, that you wonder how in earth they could be given the responsibility of steering a country.

thecaptain says:

Re: Re: Canadian Politics...

Its easy. There’s no perfect democracy and we always, ALWAYS end up voting for the lesser evil (or the smartest moron)

Take Canada for example. There are 3 major parties and dozens of really tiny ones. COULD vote for the green party, but they won’t win..not even close.

So in practice, the only real choice is to choose between 3 corrupt idiots.

The way to break the cycle is for someone else to rise up and give us a real choice…but that means money, power, etc…all the things that pretty much means you’ll be a run of the mill politico anyway.

Mikester says:


Unfortunately for us here in the north, this is how our governing party operates. They’re going down and are likely to be replaced in our national election on Monday so they’ve resorted to FUD attacks on their opponents.

For example, on her website under the heading, “Latest Liberal News” both of today’s headings start with, “Stephen Harper…” who is the opposition party leader. Of course, both articles are more FUD attacks since that’s last option the Liberals have left in these dying days of their campaign.

Judging by this submission, it appears to have spilled over to non-election issues as well.

Sorry for the rant

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Typical... La version fran?aise suit

Il s’av?rerait que le SAM canadien Bulte de politicien n’est pas heureux au sujet des personnes interrogeant son impartiatility vers la grande industrie contente. Nous avons d?j? mentionn? le fait qu’elle s’appelle n’importe qui les fanatiques des droits des utilisateurs de support, et comment elle nie le fundraiser du ce soir est un fundraiser, en d?pit de l’appeler un fundraiser sur son propre website. Ce qui est impair au sujet du tout c’est elle la continue r?clamer “ne sera pas amortie” quand personne n’essaye de l’amortir — juste proposant qu’elle bloque hors d’un point de vue important qui s’av?re justement juste ?tre oppos? ? ceux qui ont donn? une quantit? consid?rable ? son ?lection. Cependant, parce que quelqu’un s’est ainsi inqui?t? d’?tre “amorti” elle essaye maintenant d’amortir ses critiques. Michael Geist, qui fait tic tac clairement outre d’une liste de points provably faux a fait par mme. Bulte se dirige ?galement ? un article dans le globe et le courrier o? Bulte menace de poursuivre Geist apr?s l’?lection: “je n’vais pas le poursuivre avant l’?lection mais le dammit, m’observent apr?s l’?lection.” Ce certainement semblerait ?tre un “refroidissement effectue” le type de menace impliquant si Geist ne ferme pas vers le haut, il va faire face ? un proc?s. Naturellement, avec Geist ?tant un professeur de loi qui a une prise tr?s bonne sur la loi, il ne semble pas trop inqui?t?. Cependant, elle amuse pour la voir essayer tellement vigoureusement d’amortir ses critiques apr?s exigeant eux cessent l’amortissement d’elle (quelque chose personne a essay? de faire).

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