So Many Jobs, So Few Matches

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In the early days, there were so many stories about the web was going to revolutionize the job market — and, for a time, it seemed like it did. Companies could post jobs, applicants could post resumes, and everything seemed a lot more efficient. But, it didn’t last. People began to realize that posting resumes online could be dangerous, but more importantly, the ease of applying to jobs online meant that companies were getting inundated, and simply deleting most of them. Those two links are from years ago — but it looks like very little has changed. The NY Times is saying that finding a job online isn’t very easy, and it’s unlikely to be helped by the fact that a bunch of online job hunting sites are going to be teaming up to create a national “exchange” where you can go to find even more available jobs. Of course, in many cases, it’s this ease of applying that’s to blame. At least here at Techdirt, too many of the resumes we see coming in are terrible. The people who send them in put no effort into making it clear why we would want to hire them or what they can offer us. It’s just cut and paste, and send to as many places as possible. Of course, this isn’t new either. We’ve had stories about the low quality of online resumes as well. If you’re looking for a job, then it helps to actually make an effort to show why you deserve it.

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Comments on “So Many Jobs, So Few Matches”

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Dino says:

So many jobs

If you’re looking for a job, then it helps to actually make an effort to show why you deserve it.

At the risk of being pedantic..

I suppose the word “deserve” works here by strict definition. As in, “To be worthy of” But I prefer to think of it in terms of “qualified for” a position. Having or not having the skills to get the job done.

Bringing a word like deserve into it starts to make me think of companies in the past who didn’t deserve my time and effort. It’s a two-way street.

Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

I think online job hunting is an important piece of finding a job. It’s generated many phone calls, several interviews, and jobs for me in the past. My current job was from applying to a monster job post last year. However I do agree that people should treat online job hunting as seriously as any other type of job hunting and should submit proper resumes for jobs they are actually qualified for. Also you have to learn to spot the difference between a real job worth applying for and a fake job that is really some form of someone trying to get your money.

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