Better Mousetraps, Healthier Whiskey And Shampoo For Bald Men

from the wacky-products dept

A research firm has come out with a list of best innovations of 2005, mentioning a few bizarre ones, like shampoo for bald men and healthier whiskey (not to be confused with horseradish-flavored vodka… yum). While some of the products are practical, some are just amusing. Many of the items seem to be food related. The number one product is basically the opposite of that self-heating coffee can — this one is the self-cooling can. Then there’s the food additive that converts food to jelly, without losing its flavor or color (texture, on the other hand…). There’s plenty for condiment fans including a combo ketchup/cheese concoction and (no, really) “adjustable heat hot sauce” that lets each user modify how hot it is (using two separate chambers with different levels of spice, and the ability to pump from either one directly or a mix of the two for “medium”).

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