Parliament Members Forced To Sneak WiFi From Neighboring Cafe

from the legality-question? dept

Remember all those people who were insisting to us that using an open WiFi connection is a horrible crime that deserves terrible punishment? Well, perhaps they should arrest new UK MP Adam Afriyie, who reportedly had to sit on the steps of the Parliamentary building and catch the available WiFi from a neighboring cafe. Doesn’t seem like he has a problem with using open WiFi. The rest of the article talks about how the folks in Parliament are simply begging for WiFi to be enabled in Parliament so they can actually get some work done. In the past, of course, Parliament has not always been particularly tech friendly. A year ago, for instance, it banned the use of Blackberries — not necessarily because they were distracting, but because someone accidentally sent the wrong email to the wrong person.

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Comments on “Parliament Members Forced To Sneak WiFi From Neighboring Cafe”

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giafly says:

Portcullis House

He was using WiFi from Portcullis House, which is the building in the middle-right of this picture, with the huge black chimneys on the roof.
It’s a new building, so there’s really no excuse for not having modern communications.

Note that “The Parliamentary building” would normally refer to the Houses of Parliament (Wikipedia) on the left of the picture, which is mostly 19th century.

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