UK Asks High Court To Review Whether Denial Of Service Attacks Are Legal

from the why-not-just-change-the-law? dept

Back in November we wrote about a court finding saying that denial of service attacks in the UK do not violate that country’s Computer Misuse Act because a DoS attack doesn’t involve “unauthorized access.” We figured that this would make politicians leap into action and change the law, but that doesn’t seem to be happening just yet. Instead, the Crown Prosecution Service is looking to appeal the judge’s interpretation of the law, and ask the High Court to simply say that the CMA does cover denial of service attacks, even if it doesn’t actually appear to from the text of the law.

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Comments on “UK Asks High Court To Review Whether Denial Of Service Attacks Are Legal”

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Ben McNelly (user link) says:

No Subject Given

Just a thought… So if Tech dirt or /.’ers pound some poor site with interesting breaking news/info, thats not realy an “attack” on thier server… it seems its a good thing to have sooo many hits it slows your server to a halt. Although if one had a big enough audiuance they could probably use it as an attack.

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