When Stealing A Phone, Hang Up On The Cops Before Giving Taxi Directions

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What is it about criminals doing stupid things with mobile phones? First we had the bank robber who called up the bank and asked for more money soon after robbing them, and now we have the guy who broke into someone’s home and stole a mobile phone. The police called him and he first answered the call, and then didn’t hang up before telling the taxi driver where to take him. It didn’t take long for the police to track him down, even without needing to use any sophisticated tracking technologies.

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Comments on “When Stealing A Phone, Hang Up On The Cops Before Giving Taxi Directions”

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Brom (user link) says:

Well, before we go all nuts over this...

There is a slight chance this poor thief was just unlucky, not stupid. Some of you may be aware of that function that allows you to turn on key-lock on mobile phones. Well, not everyone always remember to use that function, like me for instance. Many times I’ve discovered that my phone has answered incoming calls without me knowing it. It’s just a matter of the phone accidentally scrubbing up against something as the phone rings, and there you go. So relax, ok? 🙂

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