RIAA Allowed To Move Forward On Subpoenas Of Multiple John Does

from the RIAA-gets-its-way-again dept

Last week we wrote about an anonymous person fighting back against an RIAA subpoena on multiple points, including that the RIAA had unfairly combined 25 separate cases into a single one. However, lawyer Ray Beckerman is now reporting that the judge has denied this motion (by the way, can someone explain why the “permalinks” to Beckerman’s post seem to change repeatedly — that sort of defeats the point of “permalinks,” doesn’t it?).

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Comments on “RIAA Allowed To Move Forward On Subpoenas Of Multiple John Does”

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Ray Beckerman (user link) says:

Permalinks on my blog

The reason the “permalinks” change on my blog is that certain of the posts are recurring posts which keep getting updated (“Index of Litigation Documents”, “Directory of Lawyers Defending RIAA Cases”, and “How the RIAA Litigation Process Works”). On Blogger.com, when the updated version gets into a new month or year, there is a slight change in the link. (E.g. “07” becomes “08” when July turns to August, or “2005” becomes “2006” the first time a post is updated in the new year. That is why I have taken to posting identical versions of those blog posts on my website, http://info.riaalawsuits.us, where the links can indeed stay permanent.
Sorry about that.
Best regards,

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