Telcos Offering Free iPods If You Complain About Cable Companies

from the conflict-of-interest? dept

In the battle between telcos and cable companies, both sides like to look for “public opinion” that proves their point — but unfortunately there are way too many cases where that “public opinion” is bought and paid for by the companies it benefits. We’ve seen this with Astroturf campaigns funded by one side or the other, and now Broadband Reports points out that a front organization funded by Verizon is handing out free iPods to people who complain about their cable provider.

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Comments on “Telcos Offering Free iPods If You Complain About Cable Companies”

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Eric says:

Re: Re: guilty

for a free ipod? ill complain about them for one of them. shoot that’d be great. just because you complain about them doesnt mean they wont give you service anymore. and if they do just sue for discrimination (cuz everyone is so frikkin sue-happy now-a-days). another way is just get a friend to subscribe for it for you and pay him every month. simple. done.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: guilty

You dont get an ipod just for complaining. You get a CHANCE to win an ipod nano. It looks like they choose one (maybe several, but not many) person per month from all of the people who submit their cable horror stories and give them the nano. Its not like you can just go over there and give them some bogus story, pocket the ipod, then leave.

Personally though im quite happy with my cable internet. It does bug me that I have to pay for all these cable tv channels (and none of them are the ones I want) in order to be allowed to get internet, but the internet service itself is great.

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