If You Commit A Crime, Chances Are The Police Will Read Your Blog

from the just-saying... dept

It’s true that, when you’re blogging, it’s easy to believe that no one is actually reading what you write. That’s why people end up getting fired, not for blogging, but for saying something they shouldn’t on a blog, and assuming no one would ever notice. Taking that to a much further extreme, a kid has now pleaded guilty to a DUI manslaughter charge after he confessed on his blog to pulling the steering wheel of a car his friend was driving — while denying responsibility to the police.

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Comments on “If You Commit A Crime, Chances Are The Police Will Read Your Blog”

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Kat o Nine Tales (user link) says:

No Subject Given

From his story in the articles on this I’ve read, I find it plausible–that he was in an alcoholic blackout with no recollection of what happened, that the driver told him he had grabbed the wheel and he believed it and felt guilty enough to “confess.” However, I also find it unlikely that the driver lied to him in the state she was reportedly in at the time, so this in no way states that he wasn’t guilty–only that he was telling the truth when he said he couldn’t remember what had happened.

Retail Manager says:

Blog and tell can be pretty helpful

A few years back, I worked at a book store. We had a number of computer games disappearing from our racks, and were having a difficult time figuring out where they were going.

Then one day somebody happened on a blog that talked about our store in specific. How they were getting the video games out of the store.

Once we discovered the exact MO, we knew how to catch them. I think we ended up catching three or four before they caught onto to the fact that we were on to them.

Talk about sweet justice.

Anonymous Coward says:

Whatsup with the dates??

FTA: “Coker lay in a coma at Orlando Regional Medical Center until he died Jan. 11.”

So the story is posted on December 21, 2005. Right now its only December 22, 2005. And the driver died on January 11?????? HUH????? He died (past tense) on Jan. 11 (in the future).

Even the orlandosentinel, which the AP article references, has the same dates.

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