'Tis The Season For Online Services To Go Completely Offline

from the doesn't-look-good dept

What is it about the last few days that has pretty much knocked out all sorts of online companies? It started last week with the “silence of the bloggers” as SixApart’s TypePad service went missing for nearly a day. This was followed up quickly with new Yahoo property del.icio.us giving its servers a chance to rest. Then, a bunch of eBay users simply couldn’t log in and now Salesforce.com left many sales people in the dark as they tried to close out their year end deals. Downtime happens — but it seems like an awful lot of high profile sites have run into trouble suddenly. Perhaps the internet really is broken. At what point do companies start offering easy syncing/replication of services between desktops and web-based services. Or is that Web 3.0?

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Comments on “'Tis The Season For Online Services To Go Completely Offline”

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Phil Ringnalda (user link) says:

Waiting for 2.1

Depends on how broken you want it, whether it’s 2.0 or 2.1 that does sync: Microsoft’s throwing bodies at their RSS extension for syncing all sorts of data (and people moving to online services that aren’t MS, rather than desktop clients that are, is certainly part of the reason), but given just how low the fidelity is in RSS for just simple stuff like weblog post titles, I think I’ll wait a while before I bet the business on it.

Howard Lee Harkness (user link) says:

Re: all i know (Comcast)

Comcast (when I had them) was almost always slow — sometimes slower that my emergency backup dialup isp account, which I had to maintain because Comcast was so ridiculously unreliable.

Now that I have Verizon Fiber, Comcast is history. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

The Celtic Fiddler, violins for sale

Larry (user link) says:

Re: Insurance for downtime... I've never heard of it.

Although business insure against risks in the form of catastrophic loss and asset protection most of the plans I’ve heard of only ever kick in for replacing lost or damaged equipment. So far as I know service availability is not currently an insurable risk. Of course that may be different when you are dealing with a major player.
And your ‘crazy conspiracy theory’ is known in the trade as “moral hazard” and is explicitly guarded against.
Any Insurance company executives reading this, I would make an excellent risk assessor for mid-range installations with public facing websites. 🙂

Michael says:

Re: Re: Insurance for downtime... I've never heard of

Anything can be insured, it’s just a matter of finding a lender willing to calculate the risk involved. The lender can (and I’m sure does) include in the contract clauses dealing with investigating whether the cause of the loss was legitimate. Hell, you can buy insurance against rain on your wedding day. It’s actually the same thing as betting. Some guy recently bet that he’d die before a certain date. He lacked insurance for that period of time, so if he died, his wife would get the profits instead of an insurance payout. Same system.

Comcaster says:

Comcast believe the Hype

As for Comcast, I have the products, all three; Cable, Highest Speed Internet, and Digital Voice. I think its unmatched unless you can get government level product and services free; this appears to be the best in personal communications. The prices are competitive even for a product that can’t be matched but is supported by impeccable service; customer support, tech and staff:). I recommend getting on board, support and conquer your own quest. Happy New Year to all.

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