ICANN Adds To The Cost Of Doing Business In Asia

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While they’ve decided to pretend they never brought up the idea of an .xxx domain, ICANN did move forward with plans to add a .asia top level domain to all of the other top level domains that companies don’t want, but will be forced to buy. All the countries in Asia already have their own TLD, of course. However, what this means is that any company doing business in Asia, whether based there or not, will now suddenly need to buy this domain to protect their trademark — even if they have no intention of ever using it. Like almost all of the other TLDs ICANN has approved, these aren’t needed and only serve to make companies feel like they have to buy more domains. ICANN either needs to figure out how to let any TLD work, or stop adding these useless ones.

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Comments on “ICANN Adds To The Cost Of Doing Business In Asia”

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thecaptain says:

Missing the point

ICANN either needs to figure out how to let any TLD work, or stop adding these useless ones.

No. They don’t. You mentionned it but missed the point. The way things are NOW generate a LOT of revenue for ICANN. Why would they change a situation that (while admittedly stupid) generates them sizeable income, to a situation that (while being practical) generates them a lot LESS income?

ICANN’s purpose isn’t to make sense, or serve YOU better…no matter what the motto displayed is. ICANN’s purpose is to make money hand over fist…and if that means they can make more money by doing something stupid rather than helpful, guess what? They aren’t going to be helpful.

Rick says:

Re: Re: Missing the point

Yes, they are, but their relationship with Network Solutions is embarrassingly close. Regardless of what domain names they add, NetSol gets a piece of it as the operators of the root servers. So, getting people to buy *more* domain names is better for them than getting people to buy *better* domain names.

Howard (user link) says:

If they REALLY wanted to make lots of money...

If they REALLY wanted to make lots of money, they could do something useful like create 50 new domain names like .USAK, .USAL, .USAR, (or .AKUS, .ALUS…) etc. for the 50 US states. I might even sign up for a .USTX (or .TXUS) domain, since a couple of my businesses are strictly local in nature.

The Celtic Fiddler, violins, violas, cellos, and accessories

thecaptain says:

Re: If they REALLY wanted to make lots of money...

Well see, they will if they can come up with a plausible reason to, so far they haven’t.

Keep in mind they aren’t fooling the regular sheep…I mean, the customers, they are grifting the other corporations mostly.

If they got too greedy, the bigger bullies would simply go higher up and take them out (or buy them out).

Its a fine line.

todd says:

Re: I'm confused

Also adding .eu and .asia and . whatever just decreases the value of everyones .com plus anyone can buy .com but americans are at loss because we wont be free to buy .eu or .asia unless we form a charity or bussiness in asia or eu. That is totally unfair for icann to do as we
Americans formed this system in the first place.
There are plentl of .biz .org.net.us for everyone
to find a place and they can still add longer words if they wish.

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