Recording Industry Wants To Use Anti-Terrorism Laws Against File Sharers

from the over-reaching-their-bounds dept

The recording industry has been known to over-estimate its own importance in the past, but it looks like a lot of folks are becoming more attuned to how the recording industry misleads. The latest is that they’ve made an effort to expand new European data retention proposals to be opened up to them as well. The rationale for those who support data retention is usually focused on stopping terrorism. Of course, plenty of people have accurately pointed out why data retention laws actually make the problem worse, by providing more bogus data, rather than making it easier to find the right data. However, the recording industry figures that if the data is going to be retained, they might as well be able to make use of that data for their own purposes: smoking out file sharers. However, in the wake of the Sony BMG rootkit fiasco, it seems like this suggestion is being met with well deserved ridicule from many corners who wonder where the industry gets off thinking it somehow has a right to this kind of data.

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Comments on “Recording Industry Wants To Use Anti-Terrorism Laws Against File Sharers”

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Rodger "[H]omicide" Aiken (user link) says:

The One-Eyed Man Is King

Every time I go to some Tech. news site, I continually see articles and news stories that detail what new measures corporations and radical groups are taking to use technology to do “good.” or “combat” something and EVERY TIME I think to myself “didn’t some society try this crap in that sci-fi show I saw last week… and didn’t their entire civilization end uo like some Orwellian or Brave New World nightmare?” People need to take a lesson from the science “fiction” books they read. Maybe they aren’t so much fictionas they are prophecy. If the world was moving in the right direction, corporations likes these wouldn’t even dare to dream up half the bullshit they get enforced.

Riddler says:


Alright, this is way overboard.. I don’t care what the recording industry thinks.. They don’t own this music.. I actually spent a good portion of my collegic time working towards a Music Business major. While in the end I didn’t move in that direction (mostly due to the messed up nature of the Recording Industry). I did however know that when music is purchased by the end user (Us) that gives said user license to that song/cd/album. Not just a little rights to it, Say rights to listen on 1 or 2 devices, rights to listen on a computer or not, an iPod or not etc.
The Recording Industry owns rights to distribute the music not rights to the music after its sold. We have paid for it, we deserve to listen to it any way we please.
Enough is Enough…

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