The Price Of Impatience: Buyers Paying Huge Premiums For New Xbox

from the you-paid-how-much-for-what-now? dept

Okay. Standing in line for hours to be one of the first buy an Xbox 360 is sort of understandable — even if it’s not something I’d ever do. However, paying thousands of dollars for a 360 from someone on eBay seems a bit extreme. Yes, most retailers sold out of their initial shipments pretty quickly — but it’s not like the device has been discontinued. The stores will get new shipments, and you’ll be able to buy it at the retail price before too long. Is a gaming system ever really worth multiple times its price just to get it a week or two faster?

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Comments on “The Price Of Impatience: Buyers Paying Huge Premiums For New Xbox”

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dorpus says:

Irrational Internet Telephony

It seems to me a lot of techies are signing up for internet telephony just because of the bragging rights. I looked into it at the store today, but I would have had to buy $100 extra hardware, AND still pay the same rate as a land line anyway — complete waste of money. The sales guy was so rude about it too, he turned his back to me when I pointed this out.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Irrational Internet Telephony

You can get the hardware for free, call Vonage and tell them your thinging about it but your not sure about putting out the money for the router they will send it free. I pay $28.00 a month for Unlimited North American calls, with every possible option. Phone service must be cheap because you can’t get service where I live for less than $35.00 with no options.

dorpus says:

Re: Re: Irrational Internet Telephony

I hear what you’re saying, but I make my phone calls to Asia, and the Vonage rate is 12.5 cents per minute — more than what I pay by land line (5 cents a minute with monthly membership).

If I wanted to really go into penny pinching mode, there are millions of phone cards I can purchase that will let me call Asia for a few cents per minute. Of course, many of the phone card companies are shady, so I haven’t bothered with them.

WyldWaitress (user link) says:

Re: Irrational Internet Telephony

If you don’t already have a landline, the deposit may be close to the cost of that hardware, and for some people it makes sense. A lot of the people I work with have switched to Time-Warner’s bundled phone service (my boss says he just wants the caller ID to pop up on the TV set), but if you move a lot (even locally they’ll make you change numbers if the exchange changes in some places) or travel a lot, the VoIP services suddenly start making a LOT of sense. Even though the service “isn’t supported” overseas, particularly, the long-distance/phone-card savings my Air Force friends and I have gotten by using Lingo and them having US-based phone numbers has more than covered the cost of their hardware in a few months. And for some it’s valuable to have a consistent “landline” phone number while travelling.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Xbox 360

please… i see more xbox-only games than ps2 only games on the market. and when it comes down to it, if you’re truly in it only for the gaming, that doesn’t make any system better than any other. its the actual games, gameplay, performance, etc. that makes one system better than another. in performance, i’ll admit, the xbox could create better graphics much more easily, though that’s due to the ease of programming compared to the ps2. when a game that had great graphics came out on the ps2, you could tell what it was capable of. but when it came to design of controls, and just the quality of games that came out, i think playstation just had better products.

in terms of performance, it really does sound like the ps3 will beat the xbox360. representatives from ms even admit that, saying things along the lines that of course it’d be better, ’cause they’re coming out later, yada yada yada.

don’t try to tell me that MS only tries to buy out competition because somebody else is trying to hold them back. when it comes to the money game, nobody can beat microsoft.

Kat says:

Re: No Subject Given

And the Revolution will sadly fail. They’ve lost their American audience.

I was at Game Stop today and saw a ton of people crowded around the 360 like it was some sort of God. People really need better things to do with their time. And money. It’ll go cheaper after Christmas. I feel sorry for those parents going insanely broke for their kids.

I think the PS3 will wipe the systems out from a graphic standpoint, and..I just like the games better. =)

Scott says:

Re: No Subject Given

Uh-huh, and my mom heard from a dog, who heard from a squirrel, who was sitting the window sill….Think this through, in 6 months to a year, if(read when) they lower the price to get a kick in at Sony, they will be losing money like crazy. You don’t create shortfalls at the beginning of sales, if you have worked in sales you know this. The most markup comes at the point when you first sell a product in almost all situations. Demand is highest, hype is highest, consumer willingness is also at its highest. There obviously isn’t a real shortage if there are so many on EBAY. People are stupid they buy into this shortage nonsense, I know a guy who bought 10 Xbox’s when they came out, he sold 9 of them on EBAY, and made something like $3000. Yet the stores locally had them on shelves.

shrique says:

Email addresses

On ebay somewhere there is a guy selling email addresses that have XBOX360 in the title. He managed to get one guy up to $455.

BTW did I mention that it was a yahoo email addy?

The description tries to mimic the form of selling an actual Xbox but if you read it nowhere in there does it say he’s selling an xbox. MAY Contain information about Xbox360, power adapter, controller.

Second Adopter says:

I am not your fricken beta tester

Anyone who buys a microsoft product when it’s first released for any reasons other than A). torture or B). They are developers themselves and wish to help microsoft fix their product……is a fool. Microsoft consistently releases beta trash as finished product, believe me, Xbox360 will be no different. Arentcha glad ya got yer unfinished xbox 360 first!!! :-D. People on ebay payin thousands for hardware that you just know is still in development, beautiful. Can’t wait for Vista.

Brad says:


How much do you really want a PS3, considering it won’t play borrowed, rented, or used games?

And you can argue tech specs until you are green and white in the face with a big glowing X.

But I like results. I’ve played an XBOX 360, way back at E3, I played Kameo. I’ve yet to sit around and play a PS3. Have you? Until it’s sitting in a cleverly-lit acryllic box on display, I don’t believe a single number that’s churned out.

Remember how zealots claimed the MacG5 was the fastest thing with a shitty cooling system? 97% of the world still use PCs – that should tell you something. Sony is a sinking ship. Just watch it drag its customers down with it, with Rootkits and Uninstalls and PiracyProtection upon PiracyProtection.

Sony acts like they own your computer. Microsoft actually does. Sony is like a petty dictator. Microsoft is a real power.

Get behind the winning team.

annonymous says:

The simple answer

No. It really isn’t worth it at all. People should just simply wait unitl they can get it. I have had the money to buy one since it first came out and it is now February 2006 and I still havent been able to get one yet. I’m not going to pay 1000 bucks just to get one now either. It isnt worth it just to get it faster.

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