Bob Geldof Can't Manage His Emails; Says No One Should Use Email

from the hello-mr.-luddite dept

Bob Geldof is likely a wonderful person who has tried to do quite a lot in the name of charity, raising all sorts of awareness on important issues. However, he seems to have a problem with the internet, and apparently wants us all to abandon it with him. Geldof, you may remember, was the guy who blamed eBay when some people tried to sell their Live 8 concert tickets earlier this year, saying that eBay (not the sellers) was “profiteering on the backs of the impoverished.” Now he’s turned his hatred towards email. It appears, according to him, that email is the cause of so many of our problems. He apparently has a problem managing his email. This isn’t a surprise. Certainly, a lot of people have problems managing their email. However, it’s a email management problem rather than a problem with email. Plenty of people learn how to manage their email effectively, but Geldof would rather that we all just stop using email. There’s a simple solution, of course. If Geldof stopped using email then he wouldn’t have to worry about it any more, and those of us who have figured out how to manage our emails can keep doing what we do. Update: There are some complaints in the comments that I’ve taken Geldof’s statements out of context. I’ve reread the article and don’t think I have, but everyone gets to make their own decision. Geldof was addressing the issue of getting work done, and noting that email can be distracting. That’s true. However, most of his comments don’t seem to focus on how it “can be” distracting, but how it “is” distracting and you shouldn’t do it. That’s an extreme position and seems to mix up (as I said originally) “email” with “email management.” It’s fine to suggest better email management, but he very clearly says: “don’t do email.” Not sure how to put that back into any context that makes it sound any better.

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Comments on “Bob Geldof Can't Manage His Emails; Says No One Should Use Email”

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Joe Snuffy says:

Re: Re: Make a choice

This guy is just an idiot. So he stops using emails, OK. Is he now free to continue with his agenda? No. He is stuck answering phone calls, reading post its and when it finally shows up, Reading his snail mail. He’s not going to free his day by removing the most valuable tool for comunication that there is, he is going to trade it for a differant time eater. This guy is an Idiot.

Joe D says:

Re: Re: Re: Make a choice

Geldof may be a little bit of a whacko, and his problem with email may be a little extreme, but he is definitely *not* an idiot.

LiveAid was pure genius: commercial and charitable success. I know he didn’t pull it off single-handed, but he it was his brainchild and certainly not the work of an idiot…

justin says:


I do agree that we have been having all problems with emails like virus spreading and all sort of freeks sending you spams tring to sell you things you dont like, but this is all a matter of management.

I fully agree with Mike, if user would just pay a little attention and learn a bit of email management life would be really simple.

Email takes up most of the time of my professonal life and i just cant imagine life without it anymore.

true if a guy cant manage himself he cant just blame the technology.

Mark Hense says:

This article is worse than Bob's point

Your complaint about Bob is longer than the article and really reads out of context.

He was at a conference held by ?WHAT IF!

He was talking about getting things done and focusing on goals set forth getting screwed-up because of the written form of e-mail failing to accurately communicate intentions an meaning.

Sure, it’s silly to make a sweeping generalization or assumption that he meant the world in general stop using e-mail.
But his point becomes valid when context is not clear. I do not want to e-mail my doctor a list of my symptoms and have him e-mail back the diagnosis. I imagine most efforts like the ones he works on involve face to face to be effective in getting to an agreed upon course of action.

John says:

Re: Re: This article is worse than Bob's point

95% of the stories are taken out of context? So why do you read Tech dirt? In my experience, Mike seems to put a lot more context *to* stories than the press. I never understand why people come here and complain. THeres a really simple solution. Go the fuck somewhere else.

RBasil says:

Re: Re: Re: This article is worse than Bob's point

“Mike seems to put a lot more context *to* stories than the press.”

So who cares if the “context” is wrong time and time again. In your words as long as there is “more” it is better?

“I never understand why people come here and complain.”

I do like a few of the authors here and they are the reason I visit. Mike used to be one of them until he started on his “bitch about everything and get most of it wrong” crusade.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:2 This article is worse than Bob's point

Hi RBasil,

Sorry you feel that way about my posts. I’ve added some more to the original post to try to clarify. I’m a bit confused as to why you think I “get most of it wrong.” I’m willing to debate the points, but your comments don’t seem to have any points other than “Mike’s wrong all the time.”

I’ve gone through a few of your past comments, but you’ve yet to provide anything constructive. Almost every one is a personal attack on me. That’s fine if that’s what you want to do with your life, but it just seems like it would be a lot more valuable if you had something constructive to say.

The only time I’ve found a post where you actually pointed out something specific that you felt I got wrong, it turned out you were the one who was wrong.

People can disagree with me. That’s fine. I’m more than willing to discuss facts or opinions. But, if you can’t provide anything constructive, than I’m just not sure how to respond.


daniel duende (user link) says:

"i don't like emails" by Bob Geldof

“The silicon chip inside my head
Gets switched to overload.
And nobody’s gonna go read email today,
I’m going to make them stay offline.
And people doesn’t understand it,
I always said email was as good as crap.
And I can see no reason
‘Cause there are no reasons
What reason do you need to be shown?

Tell me why?
I don’t like emails.
Tell me why?
I don’t like emails.
Tell me why?
I don’t like emails.
I want to shoot
The whole thing down.”

just for laughs

the original is here:

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