Denial Of Service Attack: The Natural Disaster Of The Virtual World

from the everywhere-you-go,-there's-a-problem dept

Investing in real estate almost everywhere puts you at the mercy of various natural disasters. In the US, on the west coast we have earthquakes. The north has blizzards. The mid-west has tornadoes. The southeast has hurricanes (you might have noticed). So, now that people are buying up virtual property in various online worlds and making a living there, does it mean that denial of service attacks in virtual worlds or other malware that take down servers are the equivalent of natural disasters in those worlds? Note in that last link people are complaining about how much money they lost thanks to the downtime.

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Comments on “Denial Of Service Attack: The Natural Disaster Of The Virtual World”

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1 Comment
Rikko says:


If you really wanted to make that connection, it’s more like a terrorist attack analogy than a natural disaster.

And as with terrorist attacks, they aren’t random.. Something has deliberately been done that has sufficiently pissed somebody off.
I’d like to think that an online company would be able to maneuver in such a way that they don’t enrage someone to that point.

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