Sony: If You're Bankrupt, You Must Delete All Our Music

from the not-having-a-good-week,-Sony? dept

While, at some level, this seems like just piling on to the PR disaster facing Sony-BMG following the rootkit fiasco, it’s still important to highlight some of the ridiculous things the company has done. After telling everyone that rootkits don’t matter, because no one knows what they are, and doing various other questionable moves — almost all of which amount to “trust us,” some people decided to figure out just what kind of bargain they were getting when they trust Sony-BMG. While it’s already been shown that the end user license agreement that comes with Sony’s copy protected CDs doesn’t disclose the rootkit functionality that weakens the security on your computer and is quite difficult to uninstall without breaking parts of your computer — and also doesn’t disclose that the CD phones home occasionally — there’s a lot of things that the EULA does tell you. The folks at the EFF went through it and pulled out some of the more ridiculous terms. By far, the absolute best term in the EULA is that if you file for bankruptcy, you need to delete the music. Recall, of course, that when you buy a standard, non-copy protected CD, there is no EULA at all. However, Sony would apparently prefer that all of you out there who have gone through any form of bankruptcy didn’t listen to their music.

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Comments on “Sony: If You're Bankrupt, You Must Delete All Our Music”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Don't you get it?

Not all of the music is “crapola” but it’s up to the artists to take the matter in their hands and sign with different label and/or use alternative means of distributing their art.

Since with the current PR disaster sales of ‘protected’ CD-s will drop significantly, and of all sony BMG production in general, it’s not weird to suggest some bands might move out.

Mike says:

Screw them.

Music Man Number 10 said it right. Artists are crap and the haul more crap with them. Stop supporting them, they are all clones of clones of clones of clones of real artists that actually made good music back when. Independant and underground music is where we should be, not these commercial sell-outs. Now Sony and all the other companies learnig from this stupid mistake will start understnading why ALMOST EVERYONE DOWNLOADS MUSIC FREE, no strings attached, and the only way to stop us from pirating their music is if they stop making it, which I am all for it.

Worldscolide (profile) says:

Sad. Sad. Sad.

i guess what sony dosn’t realize is the fact that most of us that know how to use the computer properly have the auto play feature disabled on our CD Drives, making it very hard for the cd to “Install” anything with out us knowing. It’s horrifying to know that sony, a company that i once respected, is doing this stuff. I guess that they don’t want us to protect our investments. Of course this is why the machine that i use to rip CD’s is a Linux box, this way i don’t even have to deal with it. Long Live LINUX!!!

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