If You Want To Email-Bomb Your Ex-Employer In The UK, You Should Do It Soon

from the before-it's-illegal-and-all dept

Apparently a UK teenager who email-bombed his ex-employer has been cleared of all charges, after it turns out that he didn’t actually break the law he was charged under. Yup, it turns out that under the UK’s Computer Misuse Act, denial of service attacks aren’t really a crime — something politicians are hoping to change. So, the kid only needed to prove that his email bomb wasn’t “unauthorized access” and he gets off free.

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Comments on “If You Want To Email-Bomb Your Ex-Employer In The UK, You Should Do It Soon”

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Rob says:

So what, well done

TBH I think the kid should walk so what he sent a few email to some dumb ass corp, big deal. Get a life. The internet is here for fun not just corporate ass holes!

I think mail bombs are cool and believe each week 500,000 people should all mail bomb someone to show our internet freedom. Besides the internet wouldn’t be here if we all switched off!

elmi says:

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Rob says:

Leeanne Jaud

For some reason those links dont work elmi.
I did find a couple of her that did, I have had trouble with flickcabin before, they dont like too much there:






Why you would want them I have no idea, she looks like absolute trash.

Taylor says:

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