Yes, But Will They Treat My Internet Addiction Online Too?

from the automating-your-therapist dept

For years, we’ve been reading stories about internet addiction — and they’re often fear mongering stories based on reports from psychologists who seem like they’re just trying to drum up some business. I wonder what they think of a new study that shows that automated online therapy sessions tend to be just as helpful as offline visiting a psychologist in treating depression. The study compared different people who were depressed, asking them to use an online “self-help” program. The end result was that many found “improvements to their psychological wellbeing.” In fact, the improvements were at the same rate as similar studies looking at depression patients visiting therapists. So, perhaps all those psychologists worried about online addictions were more afraid that they were going to be automated out of a job.

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Comments on “Yes, But Will They Treat My Internet Addiction Online Too?”

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Asshfaq Tunio (user link) says:

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dorpus says:

Toxic Teens

A 16-y.o. girl in Shizuoka was arrested for feeding Thallium to her mother and causing the bitch to go into a coma. The Toxic Teen, who was known as a chemistry whiz in school, kept a web blog of her slowly dying mother. Cops found many dead animals in her room. The fucked up kid tried taking Thallium herself, but recovered. She then fed it to her mother to send her bitch ass to hell. The bitch was fed poisoned food even after going to the hospital, and blog entries suggest that the mother may have wanted to commit suicide anyway.

This English article doesn’t tell the whole story, only the sanitized version that English speakers can stomach, without becoming paralyzed with rage.

shift says:

No Subject Given

It was one study. And it took “eight weeks” to complete a cognitive-behaviorial treatment, which is about double the time you’d typically see a psychologist. And a staggering 37% of the patients dropped out. And psychological treatment alone for depression results in relapse about half the time anyways.


matt says:

Accelerating Development

is this guy for real? he wants to compliment this obviously awesome site, then he wants everyone to go to his own. that last post has nothing to do with the subject matter. (those of you reading this are probably saying this doesn’t either, but just wait) i think that guy needs to see an online therapist, he can cure the guy of his egocentric thoughts.

Paul says:

Internet. Obsession or Addiction?

I have received treatment for many years, to deal with my “Depressions”. I also have what could be described as “Habbit” forming tendancies.
Only in hindsight (20/20) did the Internet become included in my list of “Habbits”.
It was discovered (by others) when my PC suddenly became incapable of logging onto the Internet.
My state of mind and general behavour suffered considerably. It was then found that I spent an average of 11 hours a day on-line. This was an average. The reality I believe was higher than this.
I guess it is possible to form ones own conclusions from this. Internet addictive?????

Martin (user link) says:

Re: Internet. Obsession or Addiction?

I don’t think the Internet is addictive, more of a way of passing time. I’m on the internet about 12 hours a day simply because I have nothing better to do. I went one week without the internet and was almost crying… I was so bored.

I was like ooooh I wonder what the meaning of a gorilla mask is, lets look on the internet. Oh no, the Internet is not on. Lets read todays news. Oh no, the Internet is not on.

A repetitive cycle went like that roughly every 10 minutes. for a week.

Basically what I’m trying to say is although its not addictive in the traditional sense, it’s a tool that we can’t live without. Could you live without a light bulb? electricity? then why live without the internet.

Boo says:

Re: Re: Internet. Obsession or Addiction?

I cant believe how much time you guys are saying you spend online each day. How is that possible? Don’t you have jobs? don’t you have friends/ wives / husbands / kids / people you need to spend time with? I program at work, and when time permits I check out what’s new in tech-land via the internet… when I get home the last thing I want to do is look at a computer screen. I couldn’t live without the net – but 11 hours a day? really? you’re not joking?

By the ways spammers/ trolls go away when you dont FEED THEM!!!

solak says:

Re: Re: Internet. Obsession or Addiction?

I’m addicted to Google. 🙂
Seriously. As I get older and my brain gets better at analyzing and recognizing patterns but worse at remembering lots of details, Google is just what I need. I find that while my in-person conversations are fun, my online discussions are more intelligent because I can look things up before I type.

Dana (user link) says:

Obsession or Addiction?

I work in an Internet company, and I’m online minimum of 8 hrs. Does that mean addiction to a lot of professionals? I think not. For a child, that’s a different story. It means less time playing outside with friends, less time doing kids stuff. I use interent filter Ez Internet Timer. It can stop all children’s on-line activity and block Internet browsers, e-mails, ftps or messengers according to my daily schedule.

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