Who Would Have Thought The NSA Would Be Considered Too Open?

from the who-said-what-now? dept

Last month we had a story about how the NSA patented figuring out where you were based on your IP address. At the time, we noted how strange it was that the NSA would patent such things — because the NSA certainly isn’t known for its “openness,” and half the reason for the patent system is to get these ideas out into the open. Well, it turns out that the NSA is suddenly opening up left and right and trying to patent all sorts of things… only to find themselves stopped by the Department of Defense who has apparently now become more secretive than the NSA. Update: Then again, no. Kevin Poulsen sends us some additional info that suggests the original story is pretty much wrong. It was the NSA that was blocking patents (and the NSA is part of the DOD). So, um, basically, the whole thing is wrong.

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