Direct To Web Movies Routing Around Onerous Studio Deals

from the build-your-own dept

It seems like movies are increasingly following music and books into the “self-publishing” world, thanks to the internet. In the past, it was quite difficult for a movie to get any attention whatsoever without a huge undertaking. However, with new online services setting up the equivalent of self-publishing for movies, independent and first-time movie makers have a new route to get to the public. Obviously, it’s unlikely the vast majority of these movies will become much of a hit. However, considering the deals that many movie makers would have to sign to get picked up by a major distribution house, they might just be better off doing things on their own. The movie might not be seen quite as widely, but they’re more likely to actually see some return from it. It’s the same old math that people in other creative industries are doing. They realize there’s value in signing a deal with a big incumbent if that deal becomes a huge success. However, creating a smaller success on their own can often be just as lucrative, and a lot more satisfying.

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