What Happens In Vegas Cabs Doesn't Stay In Vegas Cabs

from the privacy-schmivacy dept

Las Vegas’ motto, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” apparently doesn’t really apply to Vegas cabs. While NYC cab drivers are resisting efforts to have GPS surveillance put into their cabs, Vegas cabbies are apparently much more open to the idea of a new mandate that would require surveillance cameras inside every cab. Some are still fighting over the supposed privacy violation, but others are saying that you have no expectation of privacy in a cab. Of course, considering the number of security cameras around Vegas already, extending them to cabs perhaps isn’t that big of a surprise. Next thing you know, they’ll start putting slot machines directly into the cabs as well.

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Comments on “What Happens In Vegas Cabs Doesn't Stay In Vegas Cabs”

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DJ-Panic (user link) says:

No Subject Given

Well, as someone who lives here, the law is really more of a formality, as most of the cabs that service the strip already have them. It would just extend it to offstrip ones as well.

The cabbies seem to be pretty happy with it as well, as from what I’ve heard it has helped cut down some on crimes against cab drivers.

But then what do I care, I have my own car 😉

gid (user link) says:

Vegas Cabs

I also live in Las Vegas and there are a large number of crimes which cabs are victims of. Between the number of car-jacking?s and drunk passengers I see why the cabs should have a tracking system. Most cabs already have video surveillance. This measure would allow for a much safer cab ride (mostly to the driver). Our busses already use GPS though. 😉

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