Dumb Phone Patents 2: Electric Boogaloo

from the yeah-you-really-need-this dept

They couldn’t patent phones that look like cheese, so Motorola engineers went after the next, um, best thing: phones that dance. The company’s gotten a patent for handsets that sit on four feet that move around when it gets a call, and can move different to react to different callers or events. Apparently the phone can also detect the beat of music being played and dance along — although there’s plenty of prior art on that one, like those dancing Coke cans that were popular in the 80s.

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Comments on “Dumb Phone Patents 2: Electric Boogaloo”

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Happy user says:


Gone…are the days that phones just rang like phones — just sating there ringing until someone picked it up and answered it or the caller gave up.

I feel as though I’m getting too old for “TECHNOLOGY”, yet I’m only 22.

tech?nol?o?gy (n):
The practical application of science to commerce or industry

0n1l1nk says:

Re: tech?nol?o?gy

God.. i am only 17 and aready cannot stand phones anymore. Why does it need to play 7 seconds of an mp3 befre yu pick it up? who does it need to take pictures? why does it need to dance!?

The best inovation with telephones was the “cordless recievers”. Who could ask for more then being able to take 1 phone around your house? Who needs more then that? Who the hell is willing to pay a large sum for a phone that dances while it rings.. why not just… PICK UP THE GOD DAMN PHONE WHEN IT RINGS!? I miss those old ear piercing annoying-as-hell ringers on phones that pissed oyu off so much yu just HAD to pick it up to hut it up. Now you willhave people callign yu to get you to call them so they can watch their phone for 15 seconds before the answering machine comes on… About 50 times.

Enough of my ranting, I am angry 😛

Happy user says:

Re: Re: Re: tech?nol?o?gy

Wow 0n1l1nk, that was enough rant for both of us

I just wish more people who feel this same way, would speak up and actually voice their rants too.

People being amused by “fascinating” ring-tones and phones that dance, rank right up there with deers, possums and other animals who stand in the middle of the road just starring at the oncoming headlights….. you know what happens next 🙂 along comes an SUV driver who is watching their phone dance instead of the road.

–Happy user

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