The Death Of Line Sharing… Leads To The Rise Of Unintended Consequences

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As the courts and the FCC have basically killed off any mandated line sharing by the big telcos and cable companies, the firms that lived off line sharing knew they were in trouble. While some thought the new rules would be the near immediate death of some of these providers, others (including the FCC) hoped that it would spur them to look into alternative technologies, such as wireless. It didn’t take long at all for that to happen. Yesterday we pointed out that Earthlink is actively trying to push into the muni-WiFi space and today comes the news that Covad is buying a fixed wireless ISP — coming just days after it was rumored that they’re going to launch a fixed wireless solution in San Francisco. While it remains to be seen if these companies will really be able to make these wide area wireless solutions work on a widespread basis (and there are some big challenges there), it’s amusing to think that they’re quickly becoming thorns in the side of incumbent telcos. It was the incumbents, after all, who fought so hard to end the line sharing rules — and the end result is they’ve potentially turned their partners into much more threatening competitors.

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Comments on “The Death Of Line Sharing… Leads To The Rise Of Unintended Consequences”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Beware Earthlink

No, but I hardly trust Earthlink to not monitor and use to their advantage the communication of anyone that is considered a critic of Scientology. Take a look at “” and read about the “Fair Game” practice of Scientology. I wouldn’t trust anyone in that organization to handle my data.

Wade says:

Re: Re: Beware Earthlink

I care. Those who will not blindly line the coffers of an ethically bereft organization care. Thanks for pointing out that potential Scientology connection.

Frankly, I don’t see what the stance is of this blurb’s author. Are you chastizing the telcoms for fighting to have their property rights recognized?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Beware Earthlink

OMG! Anyone can say anything about anyone and it is believeable. Remember the Jews, the Native Americans, the dare i say, blacks… Pleade people get a clue. There are no conspiracies, no one trying to to manipulate you while you watch TV, oh wait, that one is true, sorry.

Hey, send me your name and let me start a website to tell the world what a dolt you are…

sheesh, who pissed in my wheaties this morning…

Hunding says:

Re: Beware Earthlink

OMG you have got to be kidding me. You would not use a compnay because one of the board members has a differnt religion than you? WOW, I sure as hell hope you are a skin head, and if your not, please someone get some combat boots on this nazi!
Opinions like that are the reason Americans are in so much trouble today in the rest of the world! Ignorance is bliss!

Anonymous of Course says:

Re: Re: Beware Earthlink

Hah! Ignorance is not knowing the amazing story of Jack Parsons, his relationship with R L. Hubbard and
Alistar Crowley. It’s stranger than fiction and bares the roots of scientology- which is science fiction. Really, Google Jack Parsons and enjoy.

That said, any relationship between one of Earthlink’s founders and scientology wouldn’t stop me from using it’s services.

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