A Realistic Anti-Virus Firm?!? Shocking

from the crying-wolf dept

We’ve been noting some of the overhyped stories of mobile viruses lately — all spread by one anti-virus firm or another trying to convince people that there’s really a problem where none yet exists. There was another such hyped up story yesterday, but they’re getting so common it didn’t even register much interest. However, today, another anti-virus firm, Sophos, is taking a stand and claiming that they’re sick of all of their competitors hyping up mobile viruses that aren’t a real threat. In fact, they say that yesterday’s claim of the first “serious” mobile virus threat is “plain bonkers.” Straight talk from an anti-virus firm? Wonders never cease. Then again, this is the same anti-virus firm that recently said that anti-virus tools, by themselves, weren’t enough to stop viruses — basically admitting that their own offerings weren’t perfect, something that many anti-virus companies seem to suggest in their marketing.

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Comments on “A Realistic Anti-Virus Firm?!? Shocking”

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Glenn says:

Playing devils advocate

Maybe Sophos just doesn’t want to write the software, or can’t, so they are making a hole in their available products seem like not a hole? I have no idea if any of that is true, or if anyone has mobile antivirus products, but I do know that companies will say almost anything to keep their stock-holders happy.

Ivan Sick says:

Re: Playing devils advocate

I see you are playing devil’s advocate, but I will rebut: It’s well-known among computer techs that one single program cannot protect the user from everything. So Sophos is being honest when they say that “anti-virus tools, by themselves, are not enough to stop viruses.” And despite Mike’s skepticism in the linked article submitted by ZaneK, not enough people know this. Also good for them for not confusing people with all the available tech jargon. They could mention spyware, trojans, malware, scumware, bots, keyloggers, hijacks, worms, and about a dozen other “ware” terms I’ve heard tossed around.

Boo says:

Not yet anyway

I’ve always liked Cluely – coconut tossing virus games aside – and it’s good to see him being real rather than scaring people into buying stuff. But it really is a matter of time. While they are not yet a real threat, mobile viruses DO exist… and as phones get smarter and we put more info on them the will become a profitable target. When you have a device that will connect over gsm, gprs, 3g, wifi, bluetooth and the kitchen sink and is used for surfing/shopping, voice and video over god knows what protocol.
– in short i’d be happier if he said “we’re trying to figure out where the attacks will come from and we are co-operating with network operators and handset manufacturers to pre-empt and head off malicious programs before they appear”

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