Technology Withdrawal… Feeling Lost Without Your Tech

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Earlier today, people took us way too seriously when we jokingly asked whether or not technology makes us smarter. We were more making fun of that question showing up every few months when reporters don’t have anything else to write about, but people seem to love to debate the question. A much more interesting discussion, however, may be what happens when you lose some technology you’ve come to rely on. A few years ago, we discussed this in the extreme case of Steven Mann who is trying to live his life as a “cyborg,” but was forced to remove his computer equipment to board a plane. The loss of such technology made it difficult for him to function. He claimed he had trouble walking and even fell down a few times. Obviously, that’s an extreme example, but you can certainly see how it could apply to more everyday examples. For example, in this blog post, someone from the Institute for the Future notes that his car’s GPS navigation system was stolen recently — and even though he knows his way around the city, he proceeded to feel disoriented and get lost, since he was so used to having the navigation system to rely on. It seems likely that these kinds of “technology withdrawal” situations are going to become more common.

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Comments on “Technology Withdrawal… Feeling Lost Without Your Tech”

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lexi (user link) says:

not just youth

okay so i know technology withdrawal is bad and kinda serious believe me i had this mp3 player and it was with me 24/7 i even hid it whenever i couldn’t take it with me and when i lost it i was seriously ticked off and cranky like menopause.Keep in mind that this was only a year ago my family knew better than to approach me XD.Perfect example of young people clinging the to their electric devices however its not just young people.My dad(50)recently lost his laptop due to a broken hardrive my mother then told me she was glad it broke because it was like he had lost a mistress no joke those were her actual words.Later my father and i were taking he was really shocked when realized just much time he spent on his laptop.My dad is concerned about how much time we spend on the computer but he openly admits that he would have a terrible time spending one day away from it XD

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