Grokster Freaked Out By Supreme Court Ruling; Looks To Sell Out

from the no-more-fighting dept

Following the Supreme Court decision saying that Grokster could be found guilty of copyright infringement if they actively encouraged the practice, it appears that the folks behind the company recognized they were likely to be in a bad place, legally speaking, when the lower court came out with it’s revised decision. With that in mind, they’re apparently in talks to sell out to one of these new more “legit” file sharing systems, Mashboxx. Of course, Mashboxx is the new company of former Grokster President, Wayne Rosso, who has jumped around a bit, so it’s really just bringing the family back together. Still, about all Mashboxx would get out of the deal is the name. The users will quickly shift to some other file sharing platform, if they haven’t already. If this script sounds familiar, it’s basically a repeat of what happened to Napster, who eventually sold out to Roxio after losing its court case against the recording industry. Once again, of course, this won’t actually impact unauthorized file sharing one bit, though, you can expect the entertainment industry to talk about what a positive step this is.

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