Jens Of Sweden Won't Subsidize Recording Industry's Lack Of Business Model

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Looking for a new MP3 player? How about one from Jens of Sweden? I have no clue if they’re any good, but they seem to be standing up to the recording industry. Like a few other countries, it appears that Sweden charges some kind of “copying tax” for blank media that can be used for copying music. Unlike in Canada, that includes mp3 players. However, as pointed out by Constitutional Code, Jens of Sweden has refused to pay the tax, saying that it doesn’t make sense. In fact, Jens Nylander said a bit more about what he thought of the industry and the tax: “It’s not our problem that the record industry hasn’t come up with its own solution…. In my opinion the compensation should be built into the price. To be able to transfer a song to an mp3 player should be included in the purchase of the music.”

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Comments on “Jens Of Sweden Won't Subsidize Recording Industry's Lack Of Business Model”

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Hedwig Mathijs says:

Re: Rediculous Tax

Of course, the tax is not for the ‘recording’… the tax is for the ‘blank media’ on which you can record.

But I guess even that is a silly tax if you consider that this way you’re paying twice for the ability to record: once when you buy the song, again when you buy the blank medium on which you want to copy it.

Eugyx says:

No Subject Given

Same thing in Spain, where a body formed by the so called representants of artists (SGAE) get money from the sale of blank media. Of course, they tell you that if you are going to record your own stuff there you don’t have to pay that, so, they ask you to claim them the return of the fee (a few cents for a CD), knowing, of course, that the process of claiming is more expensive than what you get back. And here too.. they only partner with the big ones.

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