Doctors Furious That People Might Criticize Them Online

from the how-dare-they! dept

In the past, we’ve had stories about how doctors have been a bit slow to adopt new technologies like email and handheld computers. In the last few years, that’s clearly been changing, but the image of doctors as late adopters has been around for quite some time. Perhaps that’s why they’ve just recently gotten around to discovering that on this world wide web we’ve all been using, it’s possible for people to post their opinions — including opinions about the treatment they received from doctors. Various doctors have been reacting negatively to online critiques they’ve found, leading to lawsuits and even web pages that have been forced offline by judges. It’s hard to see how doctors deserve any special treatment above other people or companies that are critiqued online. And, of course, in going after these sites, these doctors get written up in the Wall Street Journal as trying to hide the complaints, rather than respond to them. In other words, these doctors are now learning about the Streisand Effect. Doesn’t seem like the type of doctor I’d want to go to.

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