Those College Kids Are Way Too Smart To Fall For Spam And Popups

from the just-in-case-you-were-wondering dept

In a study that will probably surprise no one, very, very few college students said they would visit a store after seeing an ad for it in spam or a popup. Instead, they shop around for good prices and stores recommended by friends and family. In other words, price and reputation matters — and the best way to kill your reputation is to spam people or use popups. Of course, one hopes these students are also probably smart enough to use popup blockers, so they never see the popups anyway.

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Comments on “Those College Kids Are Way Too Smart To Fall For Spam And Popups”

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fgc says:

depends on the popup topic

if it appears to just be an item for sale, college kids might not click, but if it says FREE XBOX!* or CONTEST $$$$! or YOUR COMPUTER MAYBE INFECTED WITH VIRUSES AND SPYWARE CLICK OKAY TO CLEAN! they still click. on the morality front we fight the pop-up makers, but on the educational front we still fail to keep people from being click-happy.

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