Movie Theaters Blame Slump On Bad Movies

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Movie studios are beginning to move away from their staggered release schedule, where movies come out on DVD or video some time after they’ve been released in theaters, in hopes it will give their revenues a much-needed boost. While so far, it’s been smaller players that have made these moves, incoming Disney CEO Robert Iger said on an earnings call earlier this month that the industry needs to consider compressing its release windows on a bigger scale. This, of course, upset movie theater owners, with the head of their trade body blaming the slump on “not so good” movies and saying that releasing movies in theaters and on DVD at the same time would destroy the cinema business. Both men are partly right: Hollywood does seem to be churning out a lot of substandard fare these days, but it’s also time to rethink the staggered-release approach. Clearly, business as usual isn’t working for either the studios or cinemas. People increasingly don’t like to go to the movies, forcing movie theaters to try some new things. The MPAA’s idea of innovation, on the other hand, is through bullying and legislation. People want good movies at a good price with a good viewing experience — whether that’s in the theater, or at home.

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Comments on “Movie Theaters Blame Slump On Bad Movies”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Do you ever write about anything but how dumb ever

I don’t mind a humbling reminder from time to time, but since it seems to be the norm rather than the exception, perhaps you are unaware that seeing the same news story with slightly different protagonists can become boring after, I dunno, the third article? But I suppose the Pulitzer commission could come up with a Mean-Spirited category at some point in the future and then you’d be set. My question to you is, if everyone is so dumb and we who are in the know are not, how come we haven’t come up with a single sustainable way to abuse their lack of acumen so as to serve each of our own ends? Could it be that they make the rules as they go, and that, by means of preserving the status quo, those rules aren’t as dumb as they seem to us?

Daranthalis says:

Re: Do you ever write about anything but how dumb

Even for an Anonymous Coward, the proceeding post is the biggest load of crap I’ve read all day. It certainly matters to me what the entertainment industry is doing because the industry absolutely has the ear of my government. Reporting on it is not trivial. Reporting on it IS a path to sustainable methods of improvement, because it doesn’t allow anyone to remain blind to the problems.

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