And You Were Happy You Just Bought That Big Screen HDTV?

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For years and years, we’ve been hearing predictions about the eventual future of 3D TV, but, like flying cars, it’s one of those things that’s always seemed to be perpetually in the future. Some have even wondered if anyone really wants 3D TV. Apparently, the Japanese government has decided for everyone that the answer must be yes, because they’ve created an initiative for Japanese companies to build a fully 3D TV system by 2020. This isn’t “funky multi-colored glassed” 3D, but “standing over the Star Wars animated chess board” 3D, from the sound of it. Of course, it goes beyond just holographic images (something that’s been done before) to the ability to touch and smell what’s going on as well. Of course, the concept of being able to smell what you’re watching has come up many times before… and people don’t really seem that enthusiastic about it. Still, whether anyone wants it or not, apparently it’s coming either way.

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Comments on “And You Were Happy You Just Bought That Big Screen HDTV?”

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dorpus says:

Will It Increase Mental Illness?

Unknown environmental factors have been drastically increasing rates of autism diagnosed in children, a tenfold increase in 20 years. So far, scientists have only been able to rule out particular environmental factors (vaccines, pollution, etc.) rather than find the factors that cause the problem. There have been cases of identical twins (about 10-20% of autistic twins) in which one developed autism but the other did not, suggesting the problem is not entirely genetic.

Won’t 3D programs further confuse infants’ sense of reality? Our world is already a confusing array of virtual objects on TV/computer screens. What happens when TV’s show violent 3-D imagery of dying children, etc. in living rooms, and parents are laughing at it? Won’t it confuse little kids?

Vlatro says:

Re: Will It Increase Mental Illness?

Ok, I’ll call in a few favors with my researcher buddies down in Japan and have them put autism filters in the parental controls display.

Technology doesn’t stop evolving. A multi-Trillion dollar potential market will not be ignored to help a few victims of autism understand the concept of reality.

If a few hundred researchers in Japan can come up with a technology like that, then why cant the Thousands of specialists worldwide, with a much more expansive budget make the same strides in understanding and treating autism?

Or perhaps the ability to simulate very real situations as easily as we watch movies now, will help create exercises to help those with mental disabilities better interact and understand better what is going on.

Your argument is ludicrous. This technology is a tool for general entertainment and education. Autism is a mental deases that will exist whether or not this technology is ever realized. Following your logic, we would have no drunk drivers if we never invented automotive.

Autistic's Parent says:

Re: Will It Increase Mental Illness?

Yes the CDC is saying that vaccines do not cause autism even though the symptoms of autism are identical to mercury poisoning (and many vaccines used this as a preservative). But we should believe them because, well, they are the government! Oh look…G. Bush senior sits on the board for one of the biggest pharmaceuticals that did this. Look again at how this company donated generously last election. Finally look at how our current president made it illegal to sue a pharmaceutical company for mercury poisoning and also made the CDC’s data on the subject as classified. Well, vaccines my not cause autism, but for sure they know more then they are letting the rest of the world know. By the way, it 1 in every 160 kids born today that have autism. In 1985 is was 1 in every 5,000. It is now the worst epidemic facing American kids, and the government isn’t even putting as much money into research as they are to study South American frogs. Make your own conclusions as to what is really going on here.

dorpus says:

Re: Re: Will It Increase Mental Illness?

Mercury poisoning used to be much worse in earlier years, when various household products used to contain more mercury. Mercury was once used ubiquitously in cosmetics, art supplies, plastics, thermometers, et al. However, there have not been any previously recorded spikes in autism. There were some incidents of mass mercury poisoning in the 1960s, but it poisoned adults and children alike; it did not lead to symptoms consistent with autism. Autistics do not exhibit the soreness, swelling, bleeding and ulceration of the gums, tongue and oral mucosa with anemia, edema, and body wasting associated with mercury poisoning. Scientists, working independently of Bush, have spent many years finding the genes associated with autism; we now know several regions associated with autism, as detailed here.

Autistic's Parent says:

Re: Re: Re: Will It Increase Mental Illness?

Wow! Actually a very good link dorpus, I’m amazed! What I see in the report however is that a not-normal chromosome arrangement in these children is affected by the mercury in the vaccinations leading to autism. “Regressive autism, characterized most prominently by a loss of language skills, has been attributed to environmental factors, particularly adverse reactions to vaccines; epidemiologic evidence, however, shows no association between vaccination and the rate of autism…”
Now true that we need to understand what brings on this unusual arrangement of chromosomes, but it would seem to me that we should be screening for this problem before we give them vaccines that could cause them to become autistic.

Newob says:

make believe still isn't real life

While things like autism and ADD might be linked to the relatively new phenomenon of people continuously staring at video screens, the prospect of an arena-video experience will fundamentlly change our relationship with televised or otherwise mediated visual images.

For all the handwringing over violence on TV and in movies and video games, nothing I have ever seen has come close to tricking me that it is real. Perhaps I have an overdeveloped sense of make-believe, but I doubt that most people take pretend violence for reality. When real violence is caught on tape it is usually plain to see that it is not glamorous or pleasant.

If we could animate with orthographic imagery that was indistinguishable from real life, IMHO the staged would be even more distinct from the unstaged. A fully convincing virtual reality would have to be carefully constructed to avoid suspicion and achieve suspension of disbelief.

On the other hand, if the government or a particular political party or religious establishment was in control of this technology, that might provide an automatic audience of believers ….

Berry Scheib says:

Where can we get/see real 3D Holographic Televisio

Where can our company get /see real three dimensional HOLOGRAPHIC TELEVISION (IN COLOR)? OR IS THIS JUST A DREAM. We heard that Harrad’s in Great Britain sells it, wrote to them, but never got back an answer.
Is this “fake” or is there any such thing yet. We have a multi-billion dollar idea for it but only if THE REAL THING EXISTS NOW!

Berry Scheib
President, CEO
DESERVE, Inc. {You deserve DESERVE}
Portland, Oregon

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