What Happens When You Accidentally Buy A $245,000 Car On eBay

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Today is the day of odd eBay related lawsuits it seems. The latest is the story of a limo that was once owned by Elvis Presley. The owner tried to sell it on eBay, with a “buy it now” price of $245,000. He was therefore quite happy when someone did, indeed, agree to the “buy it now,” price. There’s just one problem the owner of the account claims his two year old daughter was playing with the mouse on his computer and she is actually the one who made the bid. He apologized, but apparently that wasn’t good enough. The seller is now suing him for $245,000, plus an additional $150,000 in “damages.” There’s a lot that doesn’t make sense on either side of this case. On the buyer’s side, it takes more than just a single click to “buy it now,” so some are saying it must be a hoax bid. The guy stands by his claim, though, that it was just his daughter playing around. On the other side, though, is this really worth that kind of lawsuit? All he has to do is put it up again. He claims he did, but that there were no bidders — which seems odd. There apparently were bidders for the original auction, so it’s not clear where they all went. Either way, it seems a bit vindictive to go sue this guy for that much, even if he did make a hoax bid.

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Comments on “What Happens When You Accidentally Buy A $245,000 Car On eBay”

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Angryoaf says:

No Subject Given

Something like this happend to me once. While using a friends computer to look at cellphones I clicked the buy it now button expecting to get “additional buy it now info” I dont know if they changed it now but that click commited me to the purchase. The only problem is… the thing I was looking at was $500 and there is no way I intended to buy it, also since I was on a friends computer, I was browsing on his account. He started getting tons of mail and account warning when he didnt pay after I sent numerous letters and emails to the seller and ebay which were all ignored. I’ll never use Ebay again…

Dianne says:

245,000 car on ebay

I just read this article about a buyer on ebay stating it was his daughter playing around on the computer that placed the bid for the 245,000 car. I used ebay a lot, both buying and selling, granted, not for such large amounts of money, but I am very familiar with the procedures. This article states that it is only a ‘one click’ that is used to use Buy It Now…this is incorrect. You must click on the BIN button, but then you must click a confirmed button to actually purchase the auction. Now I don’t agree with all of the lawsuit, however, the amount of money he was charged by ebay for fees for the sell of this item had to be rather substantial…I think the buyer should be responsible for that, but the seller could have also contacted one of the other bidders and offered them a second chance offer. No matter which way this went, the seller might have still had the fees to deal with.


reply to comet

e bay has NO MUSSEL at all . ebay can only suspend youre acount . they cant make annybody do annything . pay now or whatever MEAN S NOUTHING . they work hard to convence us there the judge and joury , THERE NOUTHING . there only leverge is cansel youre ebay acount . if they would stop trying to scare us [ dont deal outside of ebay not safe ] annything goes but ebay dont get payed outside of ebay . EBAY HAS NEVER REACHED INTO ANNYBODYS POCKET AND TOOK MONEY, THE JUDGE CAN .

Rich (profile) says:

Ebay app robbed me

Ebay is telling me that a purchase that was made without my knowledge or consent from my phone was made due to a setting “Checkout saved payment method” being turned on in my account.
According to them, my phone pocket ordered an $1100 dollar Gucci pocketbook. I tried to return it but the seller is refusing to take it back, and eBay so far has not been helpful. At this point my anger is towards eBay for allowing their app to automatically purchase something without my knowledge. I am on hold with them for like the 100th time now trying to get them to do something. This is the start of my campaign to let as many people know what extent eBay is willing to go to help their customers. I hope I can come back with good news.

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