Baidu To Lose Its Advantage By Going Public?

from the the-perils-of-going-public dept

Last week, when Chinese search engine Baidu announced plans to go public, we linked to the SiliconBeat report saying that Baidu’s one big advantage over Google (an investor in Baidu) was that Baidu pointed people to illegal copies of music. That leads to the obvious question of whether or not going public in the US would put pressure on Baidu to stop this practice. The answer, apparently, is yes. Baidu has said that they will be taking out all the links to downloadable music from their site. They’ve already removed 3,000 and will be looking at another 50,000. Of course, if this is their one main advantage over Google — and they’re removing it — you have to wonder what they’re left with? It might make for a questionable long term investment if going public strips them of the one factor that differentiates them from the competition.

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