Can Local Governments Free Intellectual Property For The Good Of The Community?

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There’s certainly no shortage of opinions going on around the country concerning the Supreme Court’s ruling that local governments can decide when it’s okay to seize property from people for the purpose of economic development. While interesting, there didn’t really seem to be much of a tech angle on the story, but Nathan Cochrane took this story and asked a fascinating question on Dave Farber’s “Interesting People” list: “If the public benefit of piracy outweighed the private rights of intellectual property ownership then, according to this judgment, states should legalize open slather IP infringement.” Now, we just need to find a local government willing to test that theory out. Any takers?

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Comments on “Can Local Governments Free Intellectual Property For The Good Of The Community?”

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Eric says:

No Subject Given

Except it’s not an exact correlation. The ruling indicated that the local government can seize private property to sell off to private entities. By correlation, the local government can seize private IP and sell it off to other private entities. Of course, one could make the case that the new private owner of the IP would be less restrictive of the uses of that IP.

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