They Never Give Up: MPAA Tries To Sneak Broadcast Flag Bill Into Law

from the appropriate-this dept

You have to give the MPAA credit for tenacity. After politicians told the MPAA that they wouldn’t roll over and legislate the broadcast flag when the courts realized that the FCC had no authority to mandate it, apparently the MPAA went to work on figuring out a sneaky way to get the bill approved. Following the lead of such laws as the Real ID Act, it appears that the MPAA has learned that all you need to do to get laws in your favor passed without having politicians even glance them over is to include them in a big appropriations bill — so that’s apparently exactly what they’re doing. Apparently, a sub-committee is likely to slip the Broadcast Flag into a big appropriations bill tomorrow without any discussion at all. Once again, isn’t it worth asking why these types of appropriation bill riders are allowed?

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