Now Your Need Security Software For Your Security Software

from the uh-oh dept

We’ve joked in the past about just how many “anti-something” applications people need these days. You have your anti-virus program, your anti-spam program, anti-spyware, anti-phishing and your anti-hijacking program. ?Plus, don’t forget your general firewall, which is basically a catch all to find things trying to sneak around your collection of anti-programs. ?Well, the next one you may need to add to your list is an anti-security software that protects against all the security holes in those products you thought were protecting you. ?A new study suggests that the biggest security threat may be holes in all of these security programs you have. ?It appears that malicious hackers are beginning to realize this, and are having more fun attacking the security offerings than the easy targets like your operating system and browser. ?Perhaps that’s how these companies stay in business after they wipe out (ha, ha) whatever malware they’re supposed to be wiping out: they focus on offering software to fix their own vulnerabilities. ?Hey, if it works for Microsoft

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Comments on “Now Your Need Security Software For Your Security Software”

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1 Comment
Igor says:

I have a question about these malware authors. I know that a big trick they do is to falsely represent your security software and trick you into thinking you are infected. Then they try to bait you into buying their ‘fix.’ My question is, do the fixes actually work? I mean, do they really leave you alone after they get your cash, or do they just redouble their efforts? Are they payments made on a fake site where they gather your info? Any details on the process would be interesting to me.

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