In My Day, We Played BOTH Sides Of An LP… And Liked It!

from the bah-humbug dept

File sharing networks and technologies have taken a decent amount of heat, to put it mildly, mostly from the entertainment industry and government. Well, maybe their campaign against all things P2P has started to seep into the minds of the public, or at least the more senior members of the public. Broadband Reports points to a new survey that says 45 % of Americans think file sharing services should be outlawed, with those older than 50 most in favor of it. The headline refers to a “split” in this opinion (ie, almost 50-50 for and against outlawing them), but it’s downright frightening that almost half those surveyed are buying into the misguided notion that a neutral technology is the problem here. While they’re at it, they might want to think about making computers illegal too — after all, without computers people wouldn’t be able to log on to these networks in the first place. That would get rid of CD burners too. With audio cassettes on their deathbed, that should finally put an end to sharing music once and for all.

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