Can Congress Successfully Fight Personal Data Leakage Issue?

from the they-don't-have-a-very-good-track-record dept

As the Senate starts considering some sort of legislation concerning all of the recent, high-profile, leaks of personal data, the staff at Wired News has put together a list of proposals the Senate should consider in trying to fight these issues. Of course, given the government’s track record in these sorts of things, it seems unlikely that any solution will be all that effective. It’s still unclear if the government can really do much to deal with this issue (which has been around for years), or if the focus should really just be on making everything more transparent. This way, even though your data is out there, you can see immediately what’s being done with it, and stop any questionable issues before they go too far. In fact, a big part of the problem with these data breaches was that people had no idea these companies even had their data — so they had no way of protecting themselves from having their data misused.

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