Credit Card Fraud Befalls Expert In Credit Card Fraud

from the firsthand-experience dept

In an ironic side note to the ongoing battle against credit card fraud, an anti-fraud expert in the U.K. now finds himself the latest victim of this crime. Scammers got their hands on the credit card number of Andrew Goodwill (how’s that for an apt moniker?), who runs a site helping retailers avoid the exact kind of ripoff he experienced himself. A few lessons that come out of this story: 1) anyone’s credit card info can be stolen and used, even that of security experts, and 2) don’t strictly rely on your bank to spot and act on the crime. Goodwill noticed the suspicious activity because he was looking into another matter on his account and saw the minimum monthly payment had doubled. That triggered a red flag in his mind and further investigation. Only $600 was charged to his account, but it could have been worse. Goodwill can also reassure himself that he now has some personal experience to better inform his business.

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