Perhaps Mobile Gambling Is On The Way

from the wait-until-the-feds-get-a-load-of-this... dept

The federal government has made a big deal out of their fight to stop all online gambling, even to the point of cracking down on sites that advertise for online gambling operations offshore. So, it seemed like a reasonable assumption that they weren’t going to be very happy about any kind of mobile gambling operation. Still, while the Department of Justice is looking elsewhere, it appears that local politicians in (you guessed it) Nevada are considering a bill that would allow some forms of mobile gambling. This isn’t widespread mobile gambling, but just trying to come up with a way to allow gambling using mobile devices while on casino property, so that there really won’t be a single place within a casino where you wouldn’t be able to gamble. Of course, you have to assume that the feds won’t be so thrilled about this plan. Remember, gambling is only okay if it’s the government that profits from it.

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Comments on “Perhaps Mobile Gambling Is On The Way”

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1 Comment
Jacques LeDisco (user link) says:

Wi-Fi Gambling in Nevada Casinos

The proposed state legislation, AB 471 not only offers Nevada casinos the opportunity to offer wireless Wi-Fi gambling to patrons on resort premises, but also to a worldwide market of legalized mobile gambling.

lWhile banned in the US, the legality of such activities is not challenged in much of Europe, where local financial institutions have no bans on processing transactions for mobile betting.
In addition, in 2001, MGM Mirage’s received a license to open an online casino in Isle of Man, England.

In light of current developments, Nevada casions can theoretically offer mobile gambling anywhere in the world where
in the such activity is not illegal.

Jacques LeDisco

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