Verizon Wireless Finally Getting Ready To Launch EVDO In The Bay Area

Ever since Verizon Wireless launched their EV-DO offering, folks in the San Francisco Bay Area have been wondering how come they were passed over. After all, the Bay Area is full of early adopters who probably wouldn’t mind shelling out $80/month for the service. The answer (though Verizon Wireless never liked to admit it) was that the company just didn’t have enough spectrum to offer EV-DO here. Instead, they kept expanding in a variety of cities all over the country, while using any and every opportunity available to buy up spectrum from whoever was selling. Back in March we noted that the company was buying a bunch of licenses from MetroPCS in the Bay Area, and that this likely meant EV-DO wouldn’t be far behind. It’s looking like that’s exactly what’s happening. While Verizon Wireless still hasn’t made any official announcements, multiple customers in the Bay Area have started noticing EV-DO availability around the Bay Area. It seems like the wait for many techies who have been calling out for faster wireless data speeds in this area may be ending. Of course, it probably won’t be long before Sprint launches its own EV-DO service around these parts as well, and we get a little competition going.

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