Dutch Entertainment Industry Flips Out At ISPs Protecting Users' Privacy

from the this-again? dept

It seems like this sort of battle is going to repeat itself just about everywhere. When the entertainment industry decides that it wants to sue people who are sharing unauthorized content, they hit up ISPs for the info on who’s doing the sharing. While some ISPs hand the info right over others realize that this might just be a violation of the privacy rights of ISP subscribers — especially if no lawsuit has been filed. Up in Canada, the courts have even recognized that the evidence the entertainment industry is showing really isn’t enough to prove infringement. Of course, that won’t stop the industry from trying again and again. The latest objects of their anger are Dutch ISPs who are refusing to hand over subscriber data. The entertainment industry is now suing those ISPs. Meanwhile the data continues to show that these lawsuits are having no real impact on file sharing. It kinda makes you wonder why the industry feels the need to go through all this trouble.

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