More States Take Out Lack Of Taxation Frustration On Vonage 911 Service

from the this-is-getting-ridiculous dept

It looks like various states who are being repeatedly told they can’t tax VoIP systems are getting their revenge in a different way — by trumping up charges concerning VoIP 911 service. It started a couple months ago when Texas politicians jumped on the bandwagon by suing Vonage over their 911 service claiming it wasn’t clear to users that they didn’t get 911 service automatically. Of course, many users have pointed out, over and over again, that Vonage makes this very clear, and also pesters you until you do turn on the 911 service. That hasn’t stopped other politicians from going after the company. Broadband Reports notes that Connecticut is the latest state to sue Vonage for not being clear about its 911 service, despite the fact that, well, it is clear about its 911 service. Broadband Reports suggests that many of these lawsuits are simply a way for the states to hit back after the FCC has made it clear that the states can’t tax VoIP offerings in the same way they tax local telephone service. Consider these lawsuits a “protest” from state politicians — though, it’s the VoIP users who are harmed as their providers need to defend these frivolous lawsuits.

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