Wha? Guy Complains Because There Is No WiFi Below The Earth In London

We have a boatload of complaints to offer about places where there should be WiFi, and there is not. Geez, there are still many airports that haven’t got a clue. Yet the stupidest complaint about bad WiFi coverage has to come from this chap who titled his article: “London Metropolis is a wi fi desert”. One would think that the writer had tested and visited many locations in London, and found it lacking in hotspots. Yet, what he really did was take a train ride –underground– and was surprised that Netstumbler (a WiFi detection tool) found no signals. Well, duh!!! The only signal that you will get in the London Underground is one that originates in the tube tunnel. No signals will pass through 30ft. or more of dirt to the surface. I, too, would like to see subway systems that are WiFi-enabled, but this would be a system-wide program managed by the organization that runs the tube. The experiment is like going to my grandfather’s house in Toronto, finding no WiFi signal, and concluding that “Canada is a WiFi Desert”. It’s ridiculous to offer a condemnation of the WiFi in Greater London just because the Tube isn’t lit. The author then contradicts his entire article by saying that when he returned from his single tube ride in a taxi, there were hotspots all over. Wrapping up the article with an affirmation of cluelessness, the author goes on to say, “Roll on Sean Maloney, Easynet and WiMAX.” As if Sean Maloney (of Intel) and WiMAX are going to put up networks that somehow penetrate 10m of earth, when current pre-WiMAX solutions require line-of-sight.

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