DirecTV Launches HDTV Satellite, Broadband Still Ignored

from the needs-assessment dept

HDTV may be puttering along with very little going for it, but that isn’t stopping DirecTV from dedicating its next-generation Spaceway F1 satellite to the cause. Broadband Reports notes that the much-anticipated launch of DirecTV’s Ka-band satellite will be used for HDTV, not broadband, despite previous statements and denials implying the contrary. A curious decision, considering the potential for improved broadband services amid the need for more competitive offerings. The move is doubly curious, considering the state of HDTV, which boasts satellite ventures like Cablevision’s Voom that couldn’t really get off the ground.

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Comments on “DirecTV Launches HDTV Satellite, Broadband Still Ignored”

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Travis says:

Re: Satellite Broadband?

Yep satellite sucks. I was streaming data using a ground station 12 years ago and I still remember the latency. It’s about 23,000 miles up and 23,000 miles down for each packet. You could NEVER play an online game. In a chatroom you would always be behind everyone else, etc. Good bandwidth but the latency is horrible. It’s not interactive anymore it’s more like TV.

Anonymous Coward says:

HDTV Growth curve

Actually, from my readings, the HDTV growth curve is starting to look fairly decent. Nowhere near the FCC’s requirements for the 2006 deadline, but decent.

Now if we could just get the FCC to stop adopting measures that will slow that growth (primarily DRM measures like the broadcast flag and mandating satellite content protection).

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