Entertainment Industry One Step Closer To Running Law Enforcement

from the sense-a-pattern? dept

Not only does the entertainment industry often see themselves as above the law — it seems like they want to own the law. We’re not just talking about all of the various campaign contributions they make to various politicians to push through an agenda to prop up their failing business model, but an ongoing effort to actually control law enforcement. The industry started by pushing to get the FBI to start enforcing civil (not criminal) cases of unauthorized file sharing, but continue to go beyond that. They hired the former head of the ATF to run their own “enforcement” agency, which has taken to dressing up like cops and intimidating people. Still, there’s nothing like the real thing… so it appears that the MPAA has now been accused of paying police officers to shut down counterfeiters. Now, the counterfeiters are breaking the law — so there’s nothing wrong with tracking them down. However, paying cops to arrest people seems to go a bit beyond what any private organization should be allowed to do.

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