ChoicePoint Will Now Inform You When They Tell People You're A Crook

from the how-nice-of-them dept

Despite claims from ChoicePoint over the past month that they were in compliance with all the various data security and disclosure laws… it turns out they weren’t. A subsidiary they bought last year that does criminal background checks wasn’t complying with a law that said the subjects of such background checks need to be informed whenever others are told about any criminal records. ChoicePoint has happily announced they’re now compliant — ignoring nearly a year in which it appears they were regularly breaking the law. Of course, they’re taking the easiest way out, and only telling people after they’ve told others that you’re a crook — which certainly could put plenty of people in an awkward position if they’re not a crook. Given the fact that many ChoicePoint reports are filled with errors (and they’re not particularly willing to let you take a look and/or make corrections) — including errors about criminal records — this seems a bit problematic, and not much of a sign that ChoicePoint has turned over a new leaf in protecting anyone’s (real or mistakenly criminal) privacy.

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Comments on “ChoicePoint Will Now Inform You When They Tell People You're A Crook”

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dorpus says:

What about herd crimes?

South Korea now has a problem with groups of hundreds of teenagers who organize on the net in advance to shoplift from convenience stores.

1,600 middle school kids went on a field trip, and about 400 of them looted a convenience store next to the museum. The school claims that only 50 of them did so — uh huh.

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