Canadian Recording Industry Trying To Kill Online Music Stores

from the charge-as-much-as-possible dept

It’s almost comical to see each mis-step that the recording industry makes in trying to figure out how to deal with online music. The latest bizarre move is up in Canada, where the industry has been freaking out ever since a judge suggested that people downloading music weren’t actually breaking the law — especially in light of the fees charged to all blank media sales to cover such copying. The various groups who manage such tariffs are putting in requests that would amount to approximately 40% of the revenue brought in from online music stores such as iTunes. Yes, 40%. You have to assume they’re going on the theory that if they get to ask for some money for nothing, they might as well ask for a lot. Hopefully these fees will get thrown out, because if they don’t, it will basically kill off legal music download stores in Canada and just send more people to the “free” alternatives.

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