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The Matrix Shuts Down… Without Keanu's Help

from the let-your-terrorist-indicators-go-wild dept

Last year there was as lot of hype over the so-called MATRIX system, designed by a bunch of state governments to make it easier to tie together information from a bunch of databases. While some of the hype concerning it was overblown, the problem was (as always) that it wasn’t entirely clear how the system would be used, and how abuses would be prevented. In fact, some were trying to set up the system so that it would spit out a “terrorist quotient” on people entered into the system. After a bunch of states bailed out, leaving only four, it appears that the folks in Homeland Security have decided to stop funding the MATRIX and it’s being shut down — though, it’s possible it may rise again. This must be the point at which it starts enslaving weak humans and turning them into batteries, right?

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